Soft landing - what to take

I am planning to take Good to follow and proof of funds for soft landing along with passport and COPR.
Do i need anything else?


Those are the only docs you will need, I wasn’t asked for any docs apart from my COPR and goods to follow. That being said, It’s advisable to carry all docs that you uploaded as a part of the original application, just in case officer needs to confirm anything.

We were just asked to show the COPRs, passports and the two copies of the GTF list. Since we had the Goods Accompanying list as well, the officer just stapled it to the GTF list.

I did landing in Ottawa yesterday. Everything went well. Was asked for CoPR and GTF list. Took less than 20 minutes.

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Hi All, I hope you wouldn’t mind my asking about the GTF list. I read over the document that sent together with my CoPR but couldn’t seem to pinpoint where GTF list was mentioned. Could you shed light on how you knew that GTF was required? Is there a specific form on the CIC website that I should download, or should I just start with a blank Excel file and list out the goods and their values? Thanks so much!

The goods accompanying list is form BSF186 and the good to follow list is form BSF186A.

Both forms have a few rows which were sufficient for our list of items. If you have anything additional or if you want to provide more details of each item, you may add a spreadsheet as well.


Me and my husband did our soft landing in Toronto via US last month. It went pretty smooth. We took everything including- Proof of funds, GTF, Passport, COPR, Reference letter from employee. The Customs officer didn’t even asked for our Goods to follow List. He said you would only need it when you are coming to reside here permanently. The Immigration officer just asked for our passports and COPR and in less than 30 mins we were out of the airport.

Congrats! Did they accept a Canadian address to send PR cards to, or did they say they’ll start the process when you move permanently?

Actually, they specifically asked only for a Canadian Address. I think they won’t accept any other address. We gave the Address of one of our friends residing in Toronto. Also, we received our PR cards in the mail exactly 2 weeks after our landing. :slight_smile:


Thank you! If I’m planning on doing a soft landing without bringing any goods, does that mean form BSF186 (the goods accompanying list) does not apply to me and I would only need to bring BSF186A (the goods to follow list)?

Thanks again!

Goods accompanying = your luggage during soft landing (same format as goods to follow list).

Goods to follow = all your possessions you would be bringing when moving to Canada.

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Copy as @avj mentioned.
We filled and took both the lists with us, goods to follow and goods accompanying. It’s better to carry everything, just in case any officer asks for it. He asked us about our luggage and we mentioned just one checked-in bag as we were here just for a couple of days. When we asked if he needs our GTF, he mentioned that you will need it when you have any goods/ couriers coming in after you are landing. Since in our case there was none, he mentioned to bring it when we come to reside here permanently.
Note- Just one think to keep in mind, when you come to reside permanently, make sure to arrive before your shipment/courier arrives in Canada so that you can declare the goods at your entry. :slight_smile:

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If you don’t have any goods accompanying you then just the goods to follow list should be sufficient.

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Goods accompanying = everything you carry with you while landing.