Softlanding in YYZ from USA by air on H-1B visa

Hello team,

I am planning to do a soft-landing by flying from USA to Toronto Airport.
I will be staying there for 3 days, get my SIN and Bank account.
Return back to USA on a valid H-1B visa.

Will there by any issues if we are doing soft-landing from USA to Canada by air ?


Soft landing is a forums term.

Immigration officers don’t recognise it and often aren’t fond of that term either.

Even when the only issue I have heard of is that sometimes they’ll not mail the PR cards if they think you are here just for landing formalities.

Have a goods carrying and goods to follow list. If you are moving to Canada, planning to stay in a temp accommodation to find a more permanent option and then heading back to bring your goods to follow stuff into Canada then you won’t have any issues. :wink:

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