Software Engineer interviews in Canada vs USA

How similar (or different) are software engineer interviews in Canada compared to the US? Do they focus on CS fundamentals/algorithms and have the usual phone screen + multiple onsite rounds?
I know Canada has some great tech companies, but just out of curiosity does Google, Amazon etc hire SEs in their Canadian offices regularly?

Depends on the company. Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc. might have a fixed template, whereas startups might be a bit more practical problem solving-type interviews. It’s kinda same as the US based on my experience. The standards are the same. You need to apply to individual locations’ postings on big companies’ website.

I second what @avj said interview process for SE jobs are exactly the same. Amazon Google and both hire SE positions in Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo respectively. Another big name that hires SE in Toronto is Shopify

Amazon SE Jobs, Toronto

Google SE Jobs, Waterloo

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Thanks @avj and @anon25417004 I see there are open positions in the links you posted. I am just trying to get an idea of SE job market and the hiring process there, especially startups and big name software companies.