Software Engineer on H-1B looking to move to Canada

Hi @anon25417004 @avj,

Happy new year and thanks for providing this helpful forum.

I am a Software Engineer currently in the USA on H-1B visa. I and my family are considering to move to Canada and I am new to the Canada immigration process. I am looking for recommendations about what my strategy should be for the immigration to Canada. I am eligible for Express entry prog (based on the Canada immigration website)

I have done MS in Computer Science from a US university and I am working as a Software Engineer at a US company from last 4 years. I have a Bachelors in IT (from India) and have ~3 years of experience from an Indian company. My wife has done her Bachelors in ECE and has 3 years of experience from an Indian company. I wish to bring our 2 years old daughter to Canada as well.


Hi Swapnil,
Thanks for joining. There’s no strategy as such but to get your documents in order and complete all the steps necessary for the EE process:

  1. Create and submit profile (IELTS mandatory before you can do this) for you or you+spouse+kids
  2. You will get ITA if your score is above cutoff
  3. You have 3 months to submit all documents from when you get ITA (
  4. Waiting for application to get processed + sending your passport if everything is good.
  5. “Landing” in Canada before your PR visa expires.

Please go through the link and let us know if you have specific questions.



Sure, thank you very much!