Sponsoring parents and siblings


I had my soft landing last month. I want to know if I can, somehow, sponsor my parents and siblings for Canada PR?
Please share guidance.


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I think You can sponsor only your parents for a PR… and two has a annual draw for limited number of applications… like i think it will be total 30000 next year of 2021…

For siblings, they can go through express entry and get about 15points extra for being your sibling… I think this is when sibling is no longer a dependent… If sibling is dependent of parents like probably less than 18years old then he or she can be part of sponsorship like parents… But please verify this info once more on official website…

One of the eligibility criteria for sponsoring parents for PR is to have 3 NOAs (IT returns in Canada). So if you have just done soft landing, you might have to wait for a while.

Regarding three years of tax filing - I am not able to find a source where we could confirm if US tax returns are okay? If they are looking for proof of funds and not a 3 years residency requirement, it seems logical that they’d be able to accept US returns as well. If anybody else has gotten this confirmed with IRCC, please let us know here. Thanks!

The PGP invitation page clearly mentions that IRCC will refer to your past 3 NOAs (NOAs are for Canadian returns only). I get what you are saying, and I had almost decided to apply in the lottery for PGP this year, but then resisted the temptation, Its one more year of wait. :slight_smile: