Spousal sponsorship - Inland vs Outland


My wife and I plan to move to Canada from US shortly, I am PR and my wife has a visiting visa. I am confused whether to apply Inland or Outland spousal sponsorship for my wife once we arrive in Canada. We might have some unavoidable travel outside Canada, so we are leaning towards Outland application. I would greatly appreciate some help with the following points:

  • I have heard Outland is significantly faster. Is that true? Our home country is India, so if we choose to do Outland, it will be from India. Would anyone happen to know the rough time frames for Inland vs Outland (india)

  • Can I apply for Outland application while both my wife and I are physically in Canada (she will be on visit visa)?

  • If we choose Outland, my wife will have to go to India for Biometrics/medical. Can she travel back and forth between India and Canada during for this process?

  • Aside from biometrics/medical, can my wife be in Canada during the process?

Please help and advice, as I am quite confused about this. If anyone has gone through similar or knows about this I would really appreciate your help and time. Thanks!

@avj Since you spoke of having sponsored your spouse in the past, I would appreciate if you can share your thoughts on this? Thanks!

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Yes you can apply for outland even though you’re in Canada or apply inland.

Complications: However, even without the current Covid situation, it becomes a bit complicated if she has a tourist visa. If you apply outland she will have to travel outside for any formalities (biometrics etc). While coming back it will be a constant worry if she is denied entry since she has applied for PR while trying to enter with a tourist visa. Things are even more complicated with the current Covid situation because of travel restrictions etc.

Is there any way she can transfer to a different visa (e.g. open work permit etc.)?

In my case my wife was a resident of a European country so she had to apply outland since she was not living in Canada at the time. She only visited once on a tourist visa and later applied for PR and landed directly after getting it.

If anyone else has successfully done the PR for spouse on a tourist visa please add to this thread.

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I have the same query and following this thread.