Spousal Sponsorship - Visitor Visa


I am an Indian citizen with Canadian PR and recently got married and my wife lives in India. Given the timelines for spousal sponsorship(12 months), I wanted to apply for temporary visitor visa ( 3 months) for her and after she comes to Canada, I am planning to apply for in-land spousal sponsorship.

How long should I apply for the visitor visa?
How do I convince the immigration officer that my wife will have strong ties to India ( criteria for visitor visa ) ?

Appreciate if anyone could add some answers to my question.


It’s not easy as far as I understand. But once your wife gets a visitor visa she can apply for an open work permit and stay with while PR is processing.

Hello Sai even we are trying for something similar. We do understand that its difficult to prove strong ties to India since I am not having any job in India right now and the intend is to stay in Canada and convert in to in-land. Let me know if you had any solution for this.


Hey Pgali1, I did not have any update on this yet. Do you have any new info for visitor visa for spouse ?

Were you able to find an answer to this question?