Spouse added post PPR

Hello all,

My AOR date is 27th October and I received PPR sometime in mid December. I got married in late November and because of that i didn’t send my passport for stamping. I requested ircc to add my spouse to my application.

Now my spouse has been added to my application as a dependent and i am seeing her under my profile.

We have submitted all the documents for her and received the AOR for document submission.

But my question is since i currently live in US and her in India, can she exit India now that we have submitted all the forms, pcc, marriage proof etc? Will the Indian pcc that we submitted be invalid if she leaves India? Can someone please confirm. Thanks in advance.

P.S. We have also not received BIL request for her as of now.

@prasan @avj hey guys if you know anything about this then please provide your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

To Canada? She should get her own PPR I think, she shouldn’t come to Canada until she has the right visa stamped in her passport, and AOR for her documents is still too early for that. The BIL for her will come first (unless she’s already done biometrics somehow), and then the PPR.

To the US? That’s probably okay, I think she also wouldn’t need a new PCC from the US unless she ends up staying for a long period of time. (I think it might be six months or longer.)

I don’t see why it would be invalidated. The PCC has been submitted, and is proof that of her record up to the time it was issued. At worst, her moving from India to another country (before Canada) would just require an additional PCC from that country.