Spouse didn't get CoPR/im1 visa stamp

Spouse didn’t receive CoPR and doesn’t have a stamp on the passport.
I am going to call them but did anybody else encounter this/have any tips to share?


@nostamp This is strange indeed! Did you add your spouse as accompanying? Do you see her name and UCI linked to your application in myCIC? If so, and you received PPR, it might be a mistake from IRCC’s part. You should contact your VO, or whoever is responsible to provide you the CoPRs immediately. If you’re in Canada, then calling them might also help. Hope it gets resolved soon.

@canada_back Thanks for getting back. I do see her as the accompanying dependent in the application - she’s been on the application since the very beginning.

How do I contact my VO? I’ve been calling 613-944-4000 from Google Hangouts since I am in the US but I think they’re customer-facing agents and do not actually handle the application. They wouldn’t come out and say it but the most recent agent I spoke to thought someone forgot to provide CoPR/visa stamp for my spouse.

I got another letter asking for confirmation of my spouse’s address after my first call but it just feels like they’re trying to cover up their mistake somehow. We provided as much address proof as we can now but no response from them since then.

We were going to do a soft landing this week before my wife’s H1B stamp expires in early September (visa valid till mid next year) but looks like we’ll be forced to move permanently before my IM-1 visa expires.

That’s rough!! Have you tried raising a CSE? Also, your CoPR should mention her name in the dependent section. If there’s a discrepancy, then point out that too. The CSE would probably get redirected to the responsible office.

@canada_back do you mean this webform? I filled it the same day I got my CoPR but no reply yet. Just got the request for confirmation of my wife’s address the day after.

There is no discrepancy - all her details are correct under the dependent section in my CoPR.

Wish there was a way to expedite this/communicate with the office directly somehow.

Yes, that’s the form. It is stressful. I hear you. Hang in there. Seems more like a clerical error from their end. Super strange! See if you can call the IRCC helpline: 1-888-242-2100. You might have to figure out how to call from outside Canada. I recall there’s a post somewhere in this forum regarding an app that might help.

They might be trying to figure out what went wrong and what caused the error. Hopefully, they’ll ask for your wife’s passport soon to complete the processing. At times we do want things to move faster with IRCC, but it looks like patience is our best friend.

Do keep us posted.


Thank you so much for your support.
I spoke to them again yesterday dialing 613-944-4000 using Google hangouts and they said the same - wait patiently. Will post an update here when our issue is resolved.

They are claiming we never sent spouse’s passport.
We sent them again, hopefully no issues this time.

Wow, that’s kinda crazy! At least they didn’t lose your spouse’s passport in the first attempt.

Update: We finally got both passports stamped and CoPRs for both.

This is probably very rare, didn’t find anyone else in this situation but if this happens, just be patient and maybe return everything with an explanation/cover letter stating everything that happened. We were waiting for a request letter like the first time but all we got was an email (not sure if it was a reply to phone call/web form) claiming they never got my spouse’s passport. We waited since we were reluctant to send passports back without hearing back from them and if time is on your side this is probably the best thing to do.

The second time we got everything back in just a week whereas it was more than three weeks the first time.

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Yup, could’ve been much better/much worse - glad its finally over.