Spouse didn't write IELTS! Can I as primary applicant can create EE profile?

Hi All,

I’m the primary applicant & I’m done with ECA & IELTS. On the other hand, my spouse got his ECA but yet to write IELTS (May be in 1-2 months).

My question is:

1.Can I create EE profile without his IELTS score? or give some random expected scores?
2. Can I do edits after I submit profile?
3. If I create EE profile without his IELTS scores & do not submit it will I still be in Pool?

Thank you


  1. You can create and EE profile as a primary applicant.You cannot give some random expected scores for your spouse.The scores need to be linked via your IELTS exam transcript number (I forget the exact name).CRS scores depend on IELTS scores, so by giving random scores you are technically lying/cheating.

2)Not sure

  1. Yes you can create and submit your profile without the dependents IELTS scores.Your spouse’s scores can improve your CRS score, so depending on your current CRS score and the recent cutoff you can make a decision.