Spouse PR / work permit

Hello All,

I will be getting married to a Canadian PR and we are planning to apply for my PR after the marriage. I see that the processing time for a Spouse to get PR is around 12 months. In the mean time is there any way I can get a permit to search for jobs in Canada and work legally ?

Thanks in advance.

There is not other way other than getting a Spousal based PR, now the process is not taking more than 5months.

Check this But it looks like even the open work permit will take average of 5 months.

yes, but for that, one should be in Canada and in process of spousal sponsorship visa category.

Yes I will be in Canada.

Depending on your situation you can also consider express entry or any other skilled immigration programs as an “independent” applicant. Having a Candian PR spouse does not disqualify you there. In fact i believe you get points for having family ties to Canada.

Also, has your spouse already landed and become a PR or have they just acquired the COPR? In the case of the latter they can contact CIC and get your passport stamped. Check my post history for more info.