Spouse Sponsorship Options

Currently, Spouse PR Sponsorship will take 12 months. Permanent residents living in Canada have major challenges with this. So, wanted to start this thread and discuss for better options:

Option 1: Apply Spouse Sponsorship and wait for 7-12 Months. Sometimes, IRCC wouldn’t take more than 4 months. But currently, I am certain that they need more than 7 months.

Option 2: Apply for Visitor Visa. But chances of rejection in High I assume.

Option 3: Apply for a student visa

Feel free to add any options that can be helpful

I am in the same boat and planning to go with visitor visa. But for visitor visa, the ties to home country should be strong. Given my wife is from India and if she is visiting me in Canada, i am not sure if that qualifies as a strong-tie to return to India.

Any insights ?

If she is working in India, then returning to a job is a strong tie.