Spouse (Teacher) + Me (IT)


I am not sure, which would be the best route for us to move to Canada. Just a brief history about our self.

About myself,
I am 35+ years old, working in IT for a MNC with a B.E degree from India. I have more than 10 years of IT experience.

About spouse,
She is 33 years old, working as a Elementary teacher in India with more than 10 years of teaching experience. She holds a full-time degree certificate in D.Ed + Bachelors in Education and Master’s in Arts (part-time).

I calculated in CRS and our eligible score is 391 (considering we score 7 in IELTS test). I am planning to keep my spouse as the primary applicant the reason being, she has B.ED + M.A (part-time), with age less than 35 years, and she comes under NOC# 4032 (Skill level or type A)


  1. How can we increase our scores to reach atleast a total of 450? (I see, if we add study+work for 1 year in Canada helps crossing the 450 mark)

  2. If we need to take the study+work route for teaching in Canada? which place, school,college,course would be good to have for permanent residence?

Thank you for your assistance

Please check using WES calculator if MA is considered as masters in Canada. IELTS score of CLB 9 and above must take your score past 440. If MA is not treated as masters getting aboveboard the prevailing CRS cutoff score is difficult.

Hi Karry,

Thanks for your prompt response. I haven’t evaluated our education certificates with WES, yet. however, i was going through some internet articles about evaluation by WES for Master in Arts and found that they considered it as a 4 years bachelors degree.

Hmmm… chances look dim in our case though… we will try with IELTS. not sure, if it will help though. Anything else you think will help us apart from IELTS score for moving forward.

Thanks for your assistance.

Exploring a Phd option looks more realistic to me.

Thanks for your reply. Not sure, if my spouse would like to study Phd.

Are there any universities in Canada specifically for elementary teachers (with B.Ed, M.A (arts) from India, like a Masters program. Is there any province in Canada which are good options for international teachers to study and get certified?

Sorry for so many questions. I am researching all options. I appreciate your time and answering to my queries patiently.

Thank you in advance.