Spouse Work History


Hi All,

My wife doesn’t have any Canadian work experience and I haven’t claimed any points for that. But I have mentioned her US work experience in the spouse work history section both pre-ITA and post-ITA phase. I have also Uploaded the relevant detailed employment reference letters (with job duties and all the required information) in the respective upload section.

My question is, it was never asked to enter only Canadian work experience (it asked to just enter work experience) in the spouse work history section in both the phases. I was being truthful and also provided the required docs.

Am I right in doing this? @anshul.v.joshi @vignesh.pr @mrandmrssolapurkar @sidmahajan or anyone? Please respond.



Yes, that is what we did as well. Although I noticed later that foreign experience for spouse didn’t really get any additional points for us but since we had added it before we got ITA and had all the required experience letters, we just went ahead and provided those.