Spouse Work History

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My wife doesn’t have any Canadian work experience and I haven’t claimed any points for that. But I have mentioned her US work experience in the spouse work history section both pre-ITA and post-ITA phase. I have also Uploaded the relevant detailed employment reference letters (with job duties and all the required information) in the respective upload section.

My question is, it was never asked to enter only Canadian work experience (it asked to just enter work experience) in the spouse work history section in both the phases. I was being truthful and also provided the required docs.

Am I right in doing this? @avj @vignesh.pr @mrandmrs @sidmahajan or anyone? Please respond.


Yes, that is what we did as well. Although I noticed later that foreign experience for spouse didn’t really get any additional points for us but since we had added it before we got ITA and had all the required experience letters, we just went ahead and provided those.


@mrandmrs - Hey again! I have a similar question. Do I need to add Spouse’s work history during EE? Or, can I skip that one. My concern is getting the reference letter for her work if I add one. Not sure, if her previous employer would provide that in time post ITA phase. I’m the primary applicant on the application.


If she has Canadian work experience, you will get points for it otherwise don’t really bother worrying about adding her experience and getting experience letters for her.

Thank you @mrandmrs - I went ahead without adding her work experience.
Now, waiting for the next draw :crossed_fingers:

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You should still add her work experience in the personal history section .

Got it - but, that’d be post ITA, right?


@mrandmrs @avj @vignesh.pr - I might have read this on the other post, but wanted to confirm with you guys as well. Do I need to add my current work experience in express entry profile even though my previous experience should suffice (3+ years)?

I’m trying to avoid hassle to get additional documents if it isn’t necessary to do so. Thoughts?

Any 3 years of work experience should do. You can then add your current experience in personal history section.


Got it - Does that experience have to be in last 3 years? I worked for my previous company from Jan 2011 - July 2016, and I’m with my current employer since then.

I did get my reference letter from the previous company. However, it’s about to fall out of ‘last 3 years’ work experience requirement.

Question - Do I need to get the reference letter from my current employer to meet the ‘experience should be in last 3 years’ requirement? Or, should I go ahead with my previous employer’s reference letter.


I don’t think the experience needs to be in the last 3 years. I think it can be in the last 10 years. @avj, am I correct here?

Any 3+ years work experience outside Canada in the last 10 years for which you can get sufficient proof of experience should be good enough.

Sounds good - Thank you, @avj!

How did you fill the information in the EE profile (Pre ITA) ? Did you give NO to the question?

That’s correct - Since adding her foreign experience wouldn’t have added any value or points, I chose No.

As others mentioned on the forum - if the spouse does have Canada work experience, please go ahead and add it to get points. Else, don’t worry about it. Also, in my case, combining her experience would have caused additional hassles to get experience letter.

Hope this helps. @mrandmrs - @avj - Please correct me if I got this wrong.

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We too did the same. To avoid hassles of getting experience letter for my spouse, just listed it in personal history. It worked fine.

Hello all … so basically there is no point in adding wife’s foreign work experience as we don’t get points for that … my question is that should we remove it from the personal history section aswell while filling the PR application or add it there? Also, under personal history if i show my Wife’s work experience does she need to provide proof of that or not?

Just put her experience in the personal history section. You don’t need to worry about proving it.

noted with thanks