Start with the PR or GTS

Thanks for sharing all this information about moving to Canada on this website! It has played a crucial part in our decision to move. My spouse and I are currently living in SF bay area. We have started getting our documents together to start the Canadian PR process. We are on H1-B and H4 visas. We want to move to Canada, with at least one of us having a job there. We are considering Toronto or Vancouver. Would it be a good idea to work on getting the PR process started and then applying for a job in Canada, while waiting to hear back? On the other hand, would it be better to move on the GTS visa and then start the PR process, while we are in Canada? Does the spouse get a work authorization, while the other is on GTS? Is it possible for the spouse to work before the PR process completes? What happens if the PR does not work out? How does the GTS work in comparison to the H1-B? The H4 EAD has been a frustrating experience and we hope not to be stuck in the same roller coaster again.

It is best to get the PR process started asap; you can estimate your CRS points (most things you can be certain except for ielts you would have to estimate) and if you are getting a score greater than recent cut offs, it would best to get started asap. You can also look for jobs while your PR is in process, and you can mention it to your prospective employer as well. I am not very familiar with GTS but if you can qualify for a PR, I would just go full steam ahead on that. I think for any sort of work visas you would need to have a job offer first. Also a regular work visa (not GTS) would require LMIA.

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That’s a very strange hiring criterion for a Canadian company, to stipulate that the hire must be on a particular visa in a foreign country. Care to elaborate on this?

because companies here mostly want experienced person

But what does H1 got to do with experience? Even most of the STEM OPT people have 3 years of US based experience.

because companies here trying to bring those people to Canada who are in states with H1B visa and they know they don’t want to go back to their home country as trump tighten the rules for immigration. But if person is eligible Under Global talent scheme then companies would take them happily regardless of their status in usa