Starting application for EE after IELTS test but before score


I have given my IELTS test but waiting for results, which should be ready in 2 weeks.
Also requested for ECA.

Question is :
Can I complete my EE profile and enter the pool with a estimated IELTS score (of course conservative) based on what I feel I might get.

If my actual IELTS score is different than my estimated one, would I have the option of later changing it to correct one? (In case, I get ITA before the actual score)


You cannot create a EE profile without the accurate IELTS score. While creating the EE profile you have to put in the score and a test report number provided by IELTS when you get the official results.

Unfortunately you will have to wait until the official scores are provided to you.

The same goes for ECA. When your ECA gets completed, the report provided will have the ECA number that you have to fill in the EE profile.

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Thank you @fhsherwani for your quick response.
I wasn’t aware that we absolutely need to complete these 2 steps before even attempting to create the EE profile.
Is there any other dependency on other requirements, or once we have the IELTS score and ECA, we can move ahead with entering the Pool?

Yes you can

Those are the only 2 things which you require before submitting the EE profile. Make sure you have your NOC figured out correctly as well.

No you can’t submit EE profile without the IELTS report number and ECA report number (which you only get after you complete the respective steps and get results in hand).

Thank you @mrandmrs and @avj