Starting the PR process from India

found this forum while browsing endlessly for gathering information regarding settling to Canada with PR.

I have subscribed today

I am about to start my PR process.

But lots of doubts and questions are in my mind .

I have been working in TCS ,India since last 8 years as a software Engineer.

I am eager to move to Canada on PR.

I want to know about the job opportunity in software development in Canada with my profile.

If you kindly help me out,I will be grateful and eventually can take up a final decision which is not getting materialize d due to the doubts am having.

Thank you in advance.

Madhumita Das

Kolkata ,India

Welcome to the forum. Is your question about jobs in Canada? Can you be more specific about your area of work? Also have you used the CIC Express Entry calculator tool to see how many points you can get.

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Thanks for the response.

Actually I was investigating job opportunities in software development (Java ,J2EE BACKGROUND)

I was thinking to going for PR and a talk with one agency . And I got to know that my score is coming to initial verification.

But I am sceptical about investment for PR without knowing the job prospects.

Also I wanted to know about work visa and arranged employment so that I can gather Canadian experience and go for PR later on.

My total experience is IT IS 8 YRS.

Working as techno functional role in TCS.

I have Java j2EE pl SQL experience with Insurance business knowledge…

How do I explore job opportunities by getting work visa or PR is the only way .

Please help.

Check out the previous posts on this forum; some of them have already answered your question.
It’s a catch-22. Canadian companies might not entertain you unless you have a PR which will be harder unless you have a job in Canada (to get PR under PNP). Check Express Entry, it doesnt require job offer.
Look at Express Entry application timeline and CRS related questions for some links that might be useful. Check your CRS score on the CIC CRS score calculator.

I would be extremely wary of promises of this nature. Under the express entry process the only way you can get a PR is to have a CRS score above the chosen cut off. There is no other way. In the case you are not able to get enough points the only options you have is to maybe retake the IELTS or find a job in Canada. There is literally no other options so if this consultancy is offering to help increase your points its probably though some kind of “legally suspect” means like work experience where there was none or additionally degrees from somewhere.

Keep in mind CIC does audits and one can loose this PR even after he gets it many years later due to incorrect information on his application. Even citizenship can be taken away if the original PR was suspect. Many cases of this nature happen and people have suffered due to the mistakes of their consultants.

It seems that your husbands work experience and skill set should be enough to help him get a job in Canada. Can you send me his LinkedIn profile via private message or email.

Thnx a lot for the quick reply . Actually the consultant won’t try to increase our points by showing false information but what he says is he can make the ITA possible even if the score is low. And this is through PNPs but not by applying directly for PR. He claims that a few of his clients did get ITA even with a score of 317. And he is counting on my husband’s experience and education for the same. Anyway I guess we will have to rethink… after reading ur reply.

My husband’s LinkedIn profile link is

Oh sorry… Will mail u his profile separately…

Thanks I understand it better now. Yes PNP or provincial nomination is one way to increase your score since if you get nominated by a province (State in Canada) then you will get extra points that will ensure you get an ITA.

The only thing to keep in mind here is Ontario (Toronto) and BC (Vancouver) are the two popular provinces with lots of tech jobs, major cities, etc. Both these provinces do not give out nominations easily, those are mostly reserved for foreign students who completed their education from the province or for people who have got a job in the province.

That limits your option to provinces like Saskatchewan, etc. While I don’t know much about these other provinces I do know that they are not places with lots of high paying jobs and tech. I’m sure they are amazing and beautiful places to live but I would encourage you do your research on the province as if you get your PR due to a nomination then you will have to live in that province for at least 2 years.

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No worries the Linkedin link is fine.

Thanks a lot for the detailed information … Will take a call accordingly

In USA, e.g. EB1 application, a good lawyer with good letter writing skills can be the difference in getting a green card and not. In places like Canada, Aus, NZ, which have points-based immigration, no agent can magically increase your points (e.g. CRS score). The best they can do is figure some (hopefully legal) workarounds to increase your chances of getting ITA; I can’t think of any at the moment, other than getting a PNP or getting a job.
The best option is to know the process yourself so you’ll know if it’s even feasible before you pay money to the agent. Remember that before you submit your final documents you don’t really have to pay anything to CIC, you just need to spend money for getting the documents, ielts, medical exam etc. While submitting the documents you pay around CAD $1000. So you’re already paying close to CAD $2000 for the application itself, unless that’s covered in your agent’s fees. Ask then about it.
CIC will refund your fees if your application is refused under certain cases (, they won’t if they start processing application and it gets rejected. So, check if your agent guarantees money-back if your application doesn’t get processed; that’ll tell you immediately if the agent intends to pocket your refund or not.

Another important thing to remember is that Canada has a strict policy against misrepresentation (5 year ban for all visas) if caught. If the agent is not trustworthy and does some “jugaad” which turns out to be misrepresentation, then you’re screwed!

Canada immigration process is very transparent and I would suggest you read all the options on the CIC website, including EE, PNP etc. It’s best to educate yourself and it might help you separate genuine immigration lawyers from fradulent “agents”. Also, if he’s not going to do anything and just going to send everything to the lawyer in Canada, you can do this yourself without paying an agent and directly contacting with the lawyer.

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Thnx a lot for all the inputs Anshu… And yes every point makes sense…