Startup doesn't have a letterhead for reference letter


I work for a startup (abroad), that doesn’t have a letterhead at the moment. The director of the company, to whom I am directly reporting to, has provided a print-out of the reference letter (with the company logo) I needed with my job duties and all the other information needed.

The letter has also been sealed using the company seal, with my director’s email and phone number mentioned at the end too. Will this be sufficient? Or do I need to get it notarized before I submit it to OINP?

Thank you.

Doesn’t seem like notarisation is needed.

Don’t make me laugh :). You can just put the “logo” of your company at the top right of the letter as is (edit the PDF maybe and save). That’s it. Notarization is only needed when demanded. This “self attestation” and “notarization” anxiety is built into the Indian DNA unfortunately.

I had done the OINP successfully, just need a simple PDF with your managers/HR phone number and contact, job duties and a simple logo on the top. You can attach service letter or pay slips if you feel queasy. Post ITA everything will be verified anyway.

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Usually every legally incorporated company will have a logo, or at the very least a company name and contact information on the letterhead. If this is not the case, I would probably insist on them creating one for your.