Steps for ITA with PNP

May be a very basic question:
If my CRS is less than the threshold, but more than 400 points, than there is eligibility of PNP.

Question is what are the next steps after getting PNP?

Is the process same as a regular express entry or there are some extra steps.

My understanding is that we enter the profile in pool, and then once we get provincial nomination, do we need to redo some steps, or ITA will come by itself in next draw taking into account the 600 points.


Once you get PNP, you are automatically awarded 600 points.
Then, you will be selected in the next round.
Nothing extra to be done.


I got ITA from SINP. but i am ineligible in EE due to my ielts sccore below 6band . Can I get Grid point 67/100 based on my SINP OID ITA

I think in sinp oid need minimum clb4 and yours ielts score is around clb 6 am i right so ur eligible na