Student visa questions

I have some questions in my mind. I am a bachelor’s in IT completed in 2016 and want to study in Canada for Masters degree. I have a wife she is due in January. Currently living in Australia on student visa. Since I have completed my bachelor degree, I have been working in IT feild. How hard would it be to get Canada student visa and what difficulties I may face? Please help.

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I believe the student visa is much easier to obtain than Permanent Residency (PR) because schools are always happy to have more students especially international students as they often pay 3 times the student fee that locals pay. Do you currently have a temporary resident visa for Canada? Sometimes you have to have one before you apply for the student visa. See here for more information: I assume you already know what you want to study for your masters degree. With that in mind here is a list of designated institutions which student visa are given to attend If you wish to use this root to eventually obtain your PR then consider selecting a school that eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. I can’t say what difficulties you will face except you would also have to obtain a visa for your wife which might be a little completed since you are planning to come to Canada on a student visa. Hope this was helpfully.

just curious if you are in australia already on a student visa then why don’t you continue in australia… Australia is tough may be for new people but somebody already there on student visa should be easier…isn’t it

@srhere, @neashaj My family ( younger brother ) is in Canada on Work Permit. My wife’s and my family are in the USA, I want to move to Canada so that I can stay close to them. Due to some personal reasons, I had to miss my sister’s wedding this year in the USA. I am currently on Bridging visa applied for my residency and its taking very long, which I am not really fussed about. I want to continue my education anyway and was wondering if I have a gap of 2 years since I have completed my bachelor degree, would it be hard to obtain Canadian student visa with my family ( Wife and a new born).

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Once a designated learning institution gives you a letter of offer for a masters program and you can show you have the funds to pay for at least the first year tuition and some for living expenses a two year gap shouldn’t be an issue.

Check if your bridging visa + PR application will stay safe if you apply and move to Canada (on any visa). e.g. bridging visa/ PR requirements of Australia.

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Once I get Canadian PR I wont really care about my Australian PR, my ultimate goal is to move to Canada anyway. I have another question @neashaj , @avj and @srhere am I allowed to give my Father’s bank statement for my Canadian PR? as there is a required amount one should have in their Bank before moving to Canada and I believe for a family of 3 its around 18-20k CAD. Could anyone clear this doubt of mine, please?

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i think you can not show your father’s bank statement…

“You can’t borrow this money from another person. You must be able to use this money to pay the costs of living for your family (even if they aren’t coming with you).”

"If your spouse is coming with you, you can count money you have together in a joint account. You may be able to count money in an account under their name only, but you must prove you have access to the money.

If you are invited to apply, you must give written proof that you have this money."

but seems its possible if your father can give you unconditional gift deed in some affidavit and you are also a joint account holder.

Account has to be in your name. So not father’s acount wont work. Maybe get a gift deed in which case he has to transfer funds to your bank account.

Thank @srhere and @avj for your replies, My uncle will be transferring the money into my account from the USA to the Australian bank account roughly 15k. He is happy to sign the affidavit ( gift deed ). Would that be fine ?

Yes gift deed = the money is yours, so that should be fine.