Student Visa with active Express entry profile

I have a score of 413 currently. There is no other way I can increase my CRS score unless I either get NCLC 7 in french or pursue education in Canadian university. I plan to join in September 2018. I see securing job is next to impossible.

Does anyone has experience of securing student visa while having an active express entry profile?

Please share.

Have you looked into provincial nominations? An EE profile is not considered an application. You only submit an application for express entry if you get an ITA. In any case having a temporary and a permanent process at the same time is permitted. It’s called Dual Intent.
Having two intents – one for temporary residence and one for permanent residence – is legitimate. This section addresses how to apply subsection A22(2) of the IRPA to the decision-making process, and to clarify that the issue of dual intent affects all categories of immigration applications.