Study Visa, Express entry or PNP

I am writing to seek your advise on the best option to secure a permanent residence permit in Canada. I am 42 years old married with two kids with masters degree in Environmental resources management and 12+ working experience and 4+ in my present job while hubby is 44, a chartered accountant and an MBA holder.
I am more interested in migrating but he is not because he feels the age and process involved.
So my question is: Since I would love to migrate for several reasons, insecurity, poor working condition and pay and most importantly to secure a safer environment and lifestyle for my kids ( 9 and 2, with an adopted daughter of 18)
Should I seek a master’s degree program to get the permanent residence and work permit or go for the Express entry system using PNP? Since the age factor would affect us.
Secondly hubby might not be interested in the process of writing ielts and the other requirement needed so I might be the principal applicant without his taking the exam which might affect my CRS score.
Do kindly advise. Thanks

U can give express entry a try though it’s tough bcz u have to get points atleast above 400. And ur husband might also have to write IELTS as there are 20 marks for the dependant’s IELTS. Every possible point is quite significant taking ur ages into account. You should get 8 in listening and 7 in the other modules as a minimum in IELTS…