Submission of Passports to CIC with an extension


I have received the “Ready for visa” email as the final step in my Express Entry process. I have submitted my application file for me and my husband from the U.S. I am the primary applicant on the file.

I am currently in India and I am not travelling back to the U.S. until February 2020 because of a wedding in the family. My husband is also travelling for work and would not be back in the U.S. until Feb 2020 due to which I have requested an extension. The “ready for visa” email came on December 19th, 2019 and have requested an extension on the 24th December, 2019. I have not received any reply from them as of today and I am assuming it is due to the holiday period.

I would like to understand by within what time frame do I expect to get a reply back from the CIC ? Should I submit a web form for this as well ? I am just trying to get a quick reply back from them.

Any help would be very much appreciated! .

Send an email.
Fill a webform.
Call them.
The surest way to reach them is to call.

Hi, thank you for your reply.

How can I call them? Can you please help? There is no way to reach them it seems.


@Rpan I was in the same situation about a month ago.

I asked for an extension for personal travel reason. I wrote a detailed email to the email from which I received ready for visa email. I attached all relevant documents (tickets, trip plans etc). Also raised a Webform with same attachments.

They replied back in couple of days and revoked my PPR and told me they will get back to me according to the time I mentioned I’ll be available to send passports. I wasn’t sure if they’ll get back to me.

But they sure did. They asked me to submit passports in another 30 days window. I sent passports to CIC and now they are on the way back.

They understand that everyone won’t be ready when they ask them to be.

Good luck!

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Hi @psp.picasa,

Thank you very much for you reply.

I have sent them an email explaining my situation couple of days ago and have still not got any reply back from them. I am assuming it is due to the holiday season.

When they replied back to you with a new PPR email with the extension - in what time did you get this email with the additional 30 days window ?

Thank you very much in advance again!

The holiday time could explain the delay. I would also advise you to raise the Webform with the same details.

I got their email in the timeline I suggested I’ll be available to send documents as I was out of country as well. They will probably provide you some window with your availability.

Understood and thanks again.

I have raised the webform with the same information I have provided to them in an email.

Hoping to get an answer very soon from the.

Just last question : In what time frame did you get you get your passports back or got a message that your passports are on their way back from CIC once after you submitted your passports ?


Based on the posts I’ve read this timeline varies depending on the case.

My docs were received by Ottawa office on Dec 12. Visa was approved on Dec 20 and they shipped it back on Dec 27. I guess the delay in between approval and shipping was probably due to Christmas holidays.

Thank you for your comments. I have dropped them an email explaining my situation since December 20th and have not received any reply back so far and thus very concerned at this point.

This is my situation now(below): Can you tell me which email id did you send the the detailed email to ?

hi guys, I have submitted my documents while I was in India (mid Feb) and recently only like 2 weeks ago I moved to the USA (Atlanta). I just received the letter (with Header saying Primary Office: Montreal Immigration, and footer saying Immigration section New Delhi) PPR requesting passports within 30 days. But in the letter it is mentioned to refer for passport transmission instructions. This takes me to VAC in countries that are outside North America.

Where as I know that people in USA would be asked to send to CPC OTTAWA address directly instead of VAC in USA (New York / Los Angeles).
When i called the VAC customer care in USA, the representative mentioned that it is Ok to send the package to VAC Newyork /Los Angeles).

What are your thoughts on this ? I am preparing to send to VAC New York.
Should I request for a revised PPR letter ?