Submit application with a PCC receipt?


I have received an ITA
However my PCC has not yet arrived.
I applied for it over a month back and now its cutting really close to the 60 day deadline

Do you suggest I go ahead and submit the application with the PCC application receipt?

Or is there an email id at IRCC I can send the query to?
or should I include a cover letter on my PCC stating that I am uploading the receipt and will upload the PCC as soon as I have it

appreciate the guidance!

Prathmesh Gandhi


I have heard/read that CIC will accept PCC receipt/Medical test confirmation as a placeholder documents/extend your deadline to submit because of delays in getting - in particular - these two documents.


Where did you applied the PCC from? India or at Indian Consulate abroad?


I applied for the PCC at the Indian embassy in Atlanta, US


Ok. I thought it would take just 10 days to 2 weeks. I better apply now while I wait to give IELTS and get a score. Thanks and all the best wishes with PCC. Don’t worry, things will be all right.


I had applied with the receipt too and mentioned in the letter of explanation that I was waiting for the actual PCC. After a few days, I got a request for additional document (Indian PCC) in my CIC account. Once I received my Indian PCC, I was able to upload it in the documents section.


Hi @mrandmrs

I would like to learn more about PCC.

Suppose I apply for it in SF consulate then do they forward the request to the police station of address mentioned in my passport?

I remember I had to visit the police station of my area when I had applied for the passport. Do I need to send someone to my home address’s police station to fasten the process of PCC?

Appreciate any guidance here.

Thank you,


Hi @balbir97

Sorry I don’t know what the internal process for the consulate is. I got my Indian PCC done in India.