Submit application with a PCC receipt?

I have received an ITA
However my PCC has not yet arrived.
I applied for it over a month back and now its cutting really close to the 60 day deadline

Do you suggest I go ahead and submit the application with the PCC application receipt?

Or is there an email id at IRCC I can send the query to?
or should I include a cover letter on my PCC stating that I am uploading the receipt and will upload the PCC as soon as I have it

appreciate the guidance!

Prathmesh Gandhi

I have heard/read that CIC will accept PCC receipt/Medical test confirmation as a placeholder documents/extend your deadline to submit because of delays in getting - in particular - these two documents.

Where did you applied the PCC from? India or at Indian Consulate abroad?

I applied for the PCC at the Indian embassy in Atlanta, US

Ok. I thought it would take just 10 days to 2 weeks. I better apply now while I wait to give IELTS and get a score. Thanks and all the best wishes with PCC. Don’t worry, things will be all right.

I had applied with the receipt too and mentioned in the letter of explanation that I was waiting for the actual PCC. After a few days, I got a request for additional document (Indian PCC) in my CIC account. Once I received my Indian PCC, I was able to upload it in the documents section.

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Hi @mrandmrs

I would like to learn more about PCC.

Suppose I apply for it in SF consulate then do they forward the request to the police station of address mentioned in my passport?

I remember I had to visit the police station of my area when I had applied for the passport. Do I need to send someone to my home address’s police station to fasten the process of PCC?

Appreciate any guidance here.

Thank you,

Hi @balbir97

Sorry I don’t know what the internal process for the consulate is. I got my Indian PCC done in India.

What does a “receipt” mean here ? I have applied for the PCC in the SF consulate by sending the miscellaneous form along with the other documents and my passport by mail.

Should I be receiving anything on my email or mail before the actual PCC ? It’s been a week and I only have the delivery confirmation of my packet and nothing else.

Good question. Now that I recall, and going through my email, I do not see any email or remember any “receipt” from SFO. Maybe my earlier post needs amends.

Perhaps submit a copy of you application/payment/mailing invoice? I am curious to know what others - who had to submit their EE application due to deadline but without PCC - have done.

As an aside, in some cases I have heard that depending on the embassy visiting in person is much quicker as they return your passport to you when they have verified it. Not sure how long it takes for PCC to arrive though, but atleast you have your passport with you for other purposes.

Thanks for replying. I asked around and realized that if you go in person, the Indian consulate gives you a receipt. However, since I am not living in SF, I mailed my application.

The funny part is, when I emailed the consulate office to send me a receipt via email, they said “You can come and get the receipt.”. I read bad reviews about them on Google reviews but didn’t know they could be rude even in an email.

I had heard SFO is the worst.