Submitted passport for COPR, got this message in return

Good day,
This is in regards to the passport you submitted to our office for the issuance of your Confirmation of Permanente Residence (CoPR).
After reviewing your file, we have noticed that a CoPR/Visa has not been issued for the PA and he has not landed in Canada yet.
The issuance of COPR and visa cannot commence for the DEP without the PA being landed first.
Please be aware that your COPR validity is until 2022/04/**
Please confirm if PA intends to land first OR land together with DEP. Please also provide your estimated date of arrival.

So, I’m currently stuck in India with my spouse still in the US. Upon instructions from IRCC, I ended up sending my passport from India and my spouse sent hers from the US.

They sent us this message saying that the principal applicant hasn’t gotten their passport stamped yet and hence the dependent also can’t get it stamped. Isn’t the whole family supposed to get their passports stamped together?

They also asked us to arrive by April, which would be very difficult for my spouse to manage.
Do you guys know if only the principal applicant needs to arrive by the COPR expiry date or all the family members?

I have asked them the same questions, but still waiting to hear back from them. Has anyone been in a similar situation?