Submitting passport to a different visa office

I got ppr request from CPC-Ottawa when I was in the US but I had to travel to India since my US visa was expiring. I submitted a webform regarding change of address and further instructions but haven’t got any response from them. I called IRCC and the Call Centre agent suggested me to submit my passport along with ppr letter to a local visa office in India. Has anybody done this before? I tried reaching out to IRCC but things are getting pretty delayed. Appreciate the responses.

I don’t know about the COPR but it’s definitely possible to do so for a tourist visa.

My mother had applied for a tourist visa for Canada from India with my father. She had to travel to us in America before their application was approved. Once both of their applications were approved I took her to the Visa Processing Center in New York yo submit her passport, whereas my father submitted his passport in New Delhi. Both of their passports were returned back with the visa stamped to the respective locations.

So I see no harm in you doing the same thing, take your PPR to the local visa processing center, they’ll give you a tracking number to track the status of your passport while it’s with them, so in the worst case they return your passport to you but most likely it’ll be stamped and the COPR issued alone with it as well.

Thank you. Appreciate your response.

You can submit to any Canada visa office around the world . It will be processed