Suggestion on Car Shipping Companies

Can those who shipped their cars from US to Canada post the car shipping company name with the following info -

  1. Name of the shipping company
  2. Cost
  3. Origin and destination
  4. Total number of days it took for the shipping process
  5. Your review about the company
  6. Anything else you might want to add?


@avj @vik Could you post your experience?

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We used - About 1.4K for my SUV (this was about 2 years ago). They will give you all the details around docs required very professional recommend them.

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I am also using them . @deepac Where did you move from to where ?
They are asking me 1800 for Texas to Toronto .

we moved from SF Bay Area to Toronto

@usa2can did your car move go okay. i need to relocate from raleigh to vancouver. I am asking them for a quote.

yes, it went fine. Received the car within promised time, and in decent condition.

Thanks. Just got a quote of $2445 from them.

Any other recommendations for moving company?

That sounds a good pricing for the distance. Atlas/United could do it, but most likely it wont be less than 3K.

Raleigh to BC is a long way, therefore it sounds reasonable.


We used, Took around 10 days to deliver car from Phoenix to Toronto . They charged $1850 including $250 for documentation
Our experience was pretty smooth and straightforward, we worked with Blaine and he was pretty knowledgeable for first timers like us.

Hi all, I am moving from Denver to Vancouver and looking at the rates here, it seems like it would be cheaper for me to ship the car to Seattle and then drive from there. Any potential problems with that approach?