Summer Meetup in Toronto

The weather is amazing so it’s a great time to plan a meetup since I know a few of you will be in town this month. Let’s try and get a few people together somewhere downtown.

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We are finally getting together register here for the Toronto meetup, its on May 17

Thanks Vikram and Deepa for organizing this amazing meetup at a fantastic place. We all finally got to meet each other and made amazing friends in Toronto!


Thanks everyone for coming. Lets do it outdoors next time :slight_smile:

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Will be a part of next time’s meetup :slight_smile:

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Great , I missed this somehow . I am in Toronto for my soft landing , would have definitely joined if I had not missed this post , will definitely be part of it next time .

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This is really fantastic :smile:

Our 2nd meetup will take place on Saturday, August 10th in Toronto. RSVP here