Tax Consultant for USA and Canada

Hi, I am a techie and moved from the US to Canada in Feb 2023 (Internal job transfer). I also have stocks in the US. Are there any good tax consultants who can file both USA and Canada taxes for me? (I am in Toronto downtown).

I have been using one from last 4 years since moving to Canada. Please DM your email id, will send their details.

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Hi! Did you find a good cross-border tax consultant? I’m looking for one as well.

Hi Can you share the contact info of the Tax consultant.

Please can you share details of your tax consultant. Looking for guidance to manage 401k and US investments! Thank you

Hi, I am looking for an accountant currently as well. I received a W-2 for RSU that vested in 2023, but I am a non resident for US tax purposes (moved to Canada in 2022), I am guessing that should be reported as “employment income” ?

Can you please share it with me.