Tax filing jointly PR husband, non-PR wife

If anyone here - who is married/in common law relationship - has filed Canadian taxes this year or earlier, when one of you was a PR/Citizen of Canada or Canadian resident for tax purpose, and the other person was a Canadian non-resident (i.e. never lived in Canada before), and if you were able to file jointly please PM me. I have some questions about jointly filing taxes. On the other hand if filing jointly is not allowed in such situation, feel free to respond directly.

I think Canada doesn’t have married filing jointly like US has. But I’m not an expert so you should confirm with a tax advisor.

Did you get answer?

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@srhere @avj did either of you get an answer to this?

I filed taxes jointly this year (for tax year 2020) since my wife came here last year. It’s relatively simple if you just have a T4; we did it through Liberty Tax since her partial year was outside Canada.
For 2019 tax year when my wife had not moved to Canada, we filed separately, although I declared that I was married and gave her details (inconsequential to the actual tax returns).

I am not sure what do you mean why you say jointly…

In Canada, It is individual tax filing for either of spouse… There is no Married filing jointly like in US…

Perhaps you meant you filed it together at same time through that Liberty Tax…

Btw how much did Liberty Tax charge you for both of your taxes?