Tax on car bought in US while moving to Canada

Canadian PR holder staying in US currently, moving to Canada in 1 year.

I am planning to buy another car in US and sell my old car in US. The “goods to follow” list still has the VIN of the old car that I am going to sell. If I bring my new car while moving to Canada, I am wondering if I would have to pay taxes on. If yes, how much? Any other caveats or suggestions about this?

Any insights will be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Not a very good idea to do this.

Why can’t you wait and buy a car in Canada after the move?

You might need to pay sales tax in your US state, then pay import and inspection fees along with the PST and GST.

Thanks, I guess I am being impatient. I will probably stick with No Action for now.

I was in a similar boat, where my original GTF had my old car, which I sold and bought a new one while residing in the US. I moved to Canada 3 days back and had to pay PST and GST on the new car at it’s current value as it wasn’t on the original GTF.

It depends on when your first entry was. If it was greater than 1 year the first 10000$ of the cars value is duty free. Also the duty differs depending on where the car was manufactured. It’s a lot lesser if it’s nafta.

I have declared the VIN of my car
In goods to follow during soft landing and will be taking the same car. Soft landing was done 1.5 years ago. Car is made in Mexico under nafta.

Please can someone confirm—— Does all this mean that when actually importing this same car I do not have to pay duty and HST and GST?

The sale price of the car in USA when I purchased it was $28000