Things to apply for after you land?

For those that have landed. what are the PR documents you need to have handy when landing and what the documents you need to apply for right away?

Things you need to apply for (Please add to the list if I’m missing anything)

  • SIN card (where do you apply for this ? )
  • PR card (apply at border - provide address)
  • Drivers License (later)
  • Bank account (later)
  • Health Insurance ??

Documents you need to land (Please add to the list if I’m missing anything)

  • All documents submitted during the PR process
  • List and approximate value of all goods you’re landing with
  • Landing funds
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Would appreciate if someone could add/review information to this post. Moreover, what are the convenient means of carrying settlement funds (apart from cash) from India to Canada?

Just learnt that the relevant information is readily available in pre-arrival services offered by numerous organisations (funded by IRCC). Online and in-person sessions are usually available. The aim of these sessions is to help immigrants with a smoother experience once they arrive in Canada. The details will be made available in the PPR email, which is also a prerequisite for enrolling in these sessions.


SIN Card: This is provided by Service Canada

Health Insurance Card (province specific) forms will be available here: Doctor’s office, pharmacy, hospital, govt website, or an immigrant-serving organisation.