Third Party payroll - Contract Employment

Hello everybody,

I wished to know how I shall specify the name of my present employer. I am hired by one company however on the payroll of a third-party payroll. eg. I work for Samsung Ltd but on a third party payroll such as Randstad Ltd. Most people in India must be aware of such a practice, which is quite common. What happens here is Randstad has no clue about what I do on a daily basis as they hired me on a contract for their client - Samsung, however, Samsung is the one who knows my regular duties and responsibilities, in fact, my reporting manager is also a Samsung employee. I was thinking about mentioning my employment as either -

  • Samsung Ltd (Contract Job on third party payroll: Randstad Ltd), or
  • Randstad Ltd (deputed at client - Samsung Ltd)

Which one is better?
Please note, Client’s name is mentioned on my offer letter and several other emails. The client will be comfortable giving me a reference letter stating all the facts transparently. My paystubs however don’t mention the client name.

Any suggestion is appreciated.