Time between submission and AOR

How much time does it take between submission of all documents after an ITA and receiving an AOR. I thought it was immediate but have been waiting for one week now

Anyone know how long it takes? Thanks!

AoR is Acknowledgment of Receipt when you submit your documents. Have you submitted all your documents?

oh got it ok. I see i received a message called “Acknowledgment of Receipt”. I thought it was supposed to be something else.

Thank you for replying!

It takes at-least 2 months from what I read. 20-25 days after AOR, people usually get Medical cleared notification then there’s couple of background checks. I am in the same boat, got my AOR on 21st August, medical passed notification on 8th Sept, haven’t received any update since then

Hi Sourabh,
Curious to know where others are in the post-ITA process. In chronological order, that would mean -
You submitted all your documents on <few days before Aug-21?>
AOR received on Aug-21
Review of medical results updated to ‘You passed the medical exam’
Any other update since then

Just trying to get an estimate of where others are.
I submitted all your documents on May 15th
AOR received on May-15th (same day)
No update since then


Hi Ash, I got AOR on the same day I submitted my documents then Review of medical results updated to ‘You passed the medical exam’ and no update since then. Background check says - Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.

In your case, if you haven’t received any notification even about the Medical then I’d enquire the application status by calling/mailing them.

I got AOR on 23rd Sept. But in medical section I see this:
Review of medical results You do not need a medical exam. We will send you a message if this changes
Any idea why is the case? Or is it their default message?

this is their default message

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Yes that’s the default, it should change to ‘Medical Passed’ ultimately

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Hi Ash , I am in the same time frame as you AOR recieved on may 7 ,

Have u recived your PPR yet or still waiting??

Any updates on how long it will take ?


Hi Sara123,
Sorry to hear that.
I submitted my application (and received AOR) on May-15th.
Not received a PPR yet. Have received zero updates.
Would be happy to discuss any mechanism by which we can get updates. Please direct message me.

Hi ash , I am in the same boat as you. we should have got our PPR as per immitracker for AOR 2018 https://myimmitracker.com/en/ca/trackers/consolidated-e-apr-tracker-express-entry-permanent-residency-application/analytics/passport-request-ppr-date-estimator

Most of the applicants have got . lets see

keep me posted if you have any updates