Time for EE from start to completion


An ideal reference letter should have:
Your name and designation(s)
Duration of your work (between dates)
Full-time/part-time (hours per week) etc
The fact that you reported to the person signing the letter (if signed by manager) and their designation
Salary/benefits are recommended but probably not that important

Most important:
Job duties and responsibility:

  • responsibility 1
  • duty 1
  • etc
  • etc

(these will vary per person but a CIC officer reading your NOC description and job duties in your reference letter should be able to make the connection between the two)

Name and Signature and contact information of the person signing the letter.



Thanks @avj for sharing the format. Its very helpful.

I have a question related to my work-ex. I worked for 3 years in India in Backend design , then moved to US for Masters and changed my domain to frontend design and verification. My 3-yr work-ex in US includes two internships and two full-time positions. Now I want to continue in frontend even when I move to Canada. Both of my domains fall under same NOC category 2147. So my question is whether -

  1. I should collect employer letters for 3-yr work-ex in US (4 letters - 1 for each position), or
  2. I should collect one letter from India (for the 3-yr duration), or
  3. I should collect all (which account to around 6-yr work-ex with a gap of 2 yrs for Masters)?


You only get points for max 3 years worth of foreign work exp; anything more than 3 years is redundant. If it saves you time you may submit on the US experience of 3 years (4 letters). If you already have the work experience letters for the backend work, add that, wouldn’t do harm, since both are in same NOC.