Time for EE from start to completion


My profile is Age :25
Education: MS in US
Work Experience: over 1 year in US(Mech Engr)

I used the CRS calculator and put top IELTS score(yet to take IELTS but I can score good) My points rangre from 450 to 480 for 1 or 2 years of experiences.

I am currently on my OPT extn. I have not yet started my application and have to take IELTS.
I don’t know how much time it will take for me to get my PR visa and if its worth applying. Also, if you can share your experience and time taken for you to enter throuth EE would be helpful.

Thank you all

Please check this thread first:

It usually takes about 8 months to a year on average for the whole process. Most of the time goes in getting a date for IELTS, getting your transcripts ready and evaluated. Even if you are not sure about applying yet, I would recommend that you start getting your transcripts ready so that you can have your evaluation done quicker once you are sure about applying.

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I think you have a pretty good score and a high chance to get PR through EE. If I were you I would start asap. It took me 11 months, from start of IELTS date to getting approval, but I added 3 months because I had to resubmit my application, so a total of 8 months.

It’s definitely worth it as it may cost you CAD 2000 in all but opens a lot of doors.

Thank you guys. The thread is awesome too.

I still have a little apprehension because of 2 reasons
If my PR got approved and I get PR visa then I guess I have to go to canada to make it kinda like full PR…so since I’m on my OPT extn. am skeptical to travel in between as it might create problems when I come back

Also, about the job market, obviously IT is strong everywhere. I as a relatively new Mech Engr…I don’t know about the opportunities since canada doesn’t have jobs or pay like US…I currently live in Texas and you know the pay and all is pretty good in my field

You have to land and confirm your PR yes. After that you can stay for a few days, or take the next flight back, it’s your choice.

I’ve traveled on STEM OPT twice last year and as long as you have a valid F-1 stamp you’re good. Else I would advise against it. I-20, valid F-1 visa and passport is required and employer letter and pay stubs are recommended.

Assuming you’re coming back to US, most major Canadian airports have CBP pre-clearance which means when you make it through security in, say Toronto airport you meet US CBP in Toronto airport itself and when they let you through you are technically on US soil. Then it’s a domestic flight from there into US airport. No need to worry about “what if’s…”. I wasn’t asked anything special on my way back both times.

US population is 10x that of Canada so number of jobs are proportionally fewer in number. Once you are a PR you will get interview calls. Pay is usually (but not always) lower than that of US. I can speak for IT, don’t know about mechanical.

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So, you mean we can be back within a day?that sounds perfect.

You can be back next flight. Although you might wanna stay and get a SIN number, maybe open a bank account and go see the Niagara.

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Back in next flight, or figure out a few thing across 2-3 days and come back. After that you have 3 years time to enter the country.

Awesome …guess I should get going with IELTS …

Also, my brother is doing his masters in India- his transcripts will be holding him off, but he can take IELTS, finger prints and medical check while pursuing his Masters to be ahead in these aspects…anything that I am missing?

What about the timeline between getting an ITA and getting a Visa to Canada?

For your brother: IELTS score is valid for two years. Collecting transcripts and degree (for ECA) need to be done before submitting EE profile online. Probably do police check after submitting EE profile. I don’t know how long that takes in India. Worry about medical check only after getting ITA. Start saving to show proof of funds.

3 (or fewer depending upon you) months to submit all documents + approx 4 months to get visa.

Hello Everyone,

Me and My Wife are applying for EE and need your advice on what options we have and any other suggestions.

IELTS - Got our Scores Today both of us got 8.5 overall

ECA - I will get mine by next week but my wife’s might take about 3 more weeks.

  • I wanted to know if I should go ahead and submit my application next week once i get my ECA or wait for hers to come?

  • If we put two separate applications will it affect in any way? or what are the downfalls

  • if we both are on the same application, once we get the PR do we need to land together or she can come after few months ?

Thanks to valuable inputs i saw in this group, I got my police certificates and in the process of getting employer letters ready while waiting for ECA and IELTS results.

Best regards,
Kapil Chandra

  • You need ECA to submit application.
  • You can put separate application in with you are primary on your and she is primary on hers.

I am not sure on the last question. I would assume, yes both have to do it together, because it’s one application right.

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Thank you for the response

1: Have you checked your CRS scores when you put in two individual applications versus when you are primary and your wife secondary? If the individual scores are lesser than 440 and the joint score is more, I would advice that you apply jointly.

2: Also check your CRS score with and without adding your wife’s ECA. If the score is again more than 440, I think you should submit your profile with just your ECA. If you make the next cutoff, your wife’s ECA would not be required. If you don’t make the cutoff, you can add your wife’s ECA once you get it in 3 weeks.

3: From what I know, the primary applicant needs to land first. The secondary applicant can land either with the primary applicant or even later.

Thank you very much for a detailed answer, These are the scores when I checked.

Individual Scores: Primary
Me : 481
Wife: 478

Joint - Wife Secondary
With ECA: 492
Without ECA: 481 [ removing her work exp as well - 471]

Since in all the possibilities CRS score is higher than the cutoff , like you suggested looks like I can go ahead with my application with my wife as secondary and not put her ECA.

When you say if you make the next cut off my wifes ECA would not be required, Does that mean her ECA is not required Post ITA as well? and it wont affect working after becoming a PR

Note sure if this is a right question : Any advice on which would be an effective application or it wouldn’t matter either way its the same, also wanted to know the downfalls of individual application

Correct, it looks like you don’t need to wait for your wife’s ECA. If you submit the application, without her ECA, you won’t need it post-ITA either. It will not impact job search or work after getting PR.

I don’t think there are any downfalls as such of applying individually other than the task of tracking 2 applications. If you apply in a single application with your wife as dependent and no ECA for her, you both can get into the next CRS cutoff. If you apply individually, she will need to wait for her ECA which would mean that she will have to wait 2 additional weeks for the next draw after yours.

Thank you very much, will go ahead when my ECA comes in.

Hi @kapilchandra and @vignesh.pr ,

I am new to the group. I came across this post regarding employer letters. Can you share the format required? and related documents to be collected.