Time taken for passport return


Not sure if anyone else is in the same boat, we had sent the passports on Nov 27th, it was delivered on nov 28th. The status on the application changed to Approved on Dec 4th. The return tracker has still not been activated. Do anyone know whats the time taken to return the passports these days?


There’s a huge backlog because Canada Post workers union was on strike. Also, there is a huge deluge of packages and parcels due to Black Friday and Christmas sales…


i have a fedex return envelope for the passports to be delivered to US.Does the Canada Post workers issue affect Fedex as well?


I don’t know if they use fedex or another private courier to return anything…
check this out (also see below):

Submit your application

When you have filled out the application forms, make sure you:

  • sign and date them, and
  • include all documents and proof you paid the application fee in the envelope.

Mailing instructions

  • Buy two prepaid 24 x 32 cm Xpresspost–National envelopes at any Canada Post retail outlet.
  • Put one envelope in the other envelope. We will use the second envelope to return your passport and other documents to you.
  • Add the documents you are sending that support your application.
  • Put your full mailing address in the “Deliver To” field and the Case Processing Centre-Ottawa post office box address in the “Return Address” field.
  • Note the tracking number for each envelope.
  • If you do not send a second prepaid Xpresspost envelope, we will return your passport by regular mail. Our office is not responsible for items lost in the mail.
  • We will only return your passport through regular mail or a prepaid Xpresspost envelope. (If you include a prepaid envelope from a private courier company, we will not use it.)
  • You cannot apply through the CPC-O office if you do not live in Canada.