Timeline from submitting an application to ITA


Hi guys,

I just submitted our (me and my husband) EE application today, our score is 478. Can anyone please share how long did it take you to get the ITA after you submitted your EE application? The US green card process got us very anxious about processing times…

Many thanks!


Don’t worry … thats great score…you will get ITA in next draw which will be there in March itself…

Btw was your CRS calculator score matching exactly with what you got in EE profile (478)?
Or how much was it


The next draw is expected on Mar 7 so you should probably get an ITA then.


Thank you! Fingers crossed:grinning:


Thank you, that would be awesome. We’re very tired of the US immigration system; can’t wait to move north asap.

I find the CRS calculator score to be very accurate. My husband’s score was 470 and my score was 478 (younger & better IELTS score) so we decided to use my profile to apply.


There’s a draw every two weeks (usually). With your score you should easily clear the draw.


Quick question on the similar lines. I just submitted my EE profile with score of 484. I have the following documents

  1. IELTS
  2. WES
  3. Employment Reference Letters

While applying for EE, no supporting document was submitted except the IELTS report number & WES reference number. Is it safe to assume that the supporting documents mentioned above and the police verification certificates need to be submitted after we get ITA?

Just want to ensure I did not miss anything.



Yes per my experience gained from here and others… you need only IELTS and ECA for EE Profile… Rest of all documents are needed after ITA…

@anon25417004 or others can confirm to you as well…


Second that. I only used my IELTS and ECA for EE profile. You will only need your supporting documents after you get an ITA. Good luck!


Hello ,

We submitted our PR application on Oct 15 ,2018 . We have received the AOR but there has been no other status update. Any idea bout the current timelines?





It can take anywhere from 2-6 months to get any status updates/PPR.