To move to Brampton or somewhere else?

Hi guys!

I’m thinking of moving, and I am having a hard time deciding where to move, I read an article about Brampton and it caught my interest. It is stated in that article that the cost of living in Brampton is more reasonable than living in other parts of Toronto, if this is true then it would really help my financial stability. I think I like the idea of living in it because it is culturally diverse and there is also a lot of recreational activities that I can do. I would like to have your opinions or recommendations about this matter because this is a big step for me, It would really help me with my decision if you share your first-hand experiences (if there is one). If you are curious about the article, you guys can read here. Thank you in advance for your responses!"

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Not sure about the overall cost of living, as we never explored it, but the cost of Car insurance is much higher in Brampton : I pay 250 $ pm for my SUV, the same one would cost 450+ in Brampton. This is just one data point, so do your research

Thanks! The insurance rates really differ significantly from each city. I get my car insurance through an online broker and the quote I got was just a little below the $400 per month.

I’ve heard too that auto insurance premiums are really higher in Brampton. If you have US insurance history and can get proof of the same, the rates are considerably lower. And when you add renter’s insurance to it, you get multi-line discount.