Toronto Car Insurance Agent / Broker

Hi - Does anyone have any insurance broker or agent contact for car insurance in Toronto ? Looking for an agent who can take into consideration US driving history to get a decent premium amount. Thank you.

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You can get a quote online. Most insurance companies in Ontario do consider your US driving experience. But they will ask for proof of insurance history from your US insurance provider before they provide a discount. I use Belair Direct for auto insurance and they gave me a six star rating after I provided them with my US insurance history from Statefarm. I spoke to a few other companies like Coseco, Desjardins etc. and they all had the same requirement.

Thank you for the information. I will check with them. How do we get the insurance history for discount? Can I just show the dds extract ?

You’ve to reach out to your insurance company in the US. If you had an agent, call them and ask for it. They should be able to get it for you. Otherwise, call the US insurance company’s customer care.

Thanks again!

If you are coming from the US, note of caution, don’t expect US rates :slight_smile: not even close.

6 star rating out of 10 or how many?

How many years US insurance history you had?

I was told 7 is the max rating. I could only show 5 years of history.

Does it matter if have history with last insurer for less than two years but 4.3 year with another insurer … so total would be 6.3 years…
but I am asking because whenever i generate quote on any website online like TD or Cooperators then it asks me if i have 3 years history with current insurer in Canada or US or not.

You can try

I took with them and they considered my US history while pulling my G license history.

Full disclosure: I work for Onlia :wink:

Yes you can get it from both insurance companies. As long as you can show proof of history, you are good. And also the insurance company would look at the years of experience when they pull your G license details, but they don’t show provide discount merely based on that.

How many stars you have on your G license?

There are no stars on the G license. But after you asked I looked at it again and noticed 4 black dots. I don’t know what they mean - google search tells me it indicates I have 4 years of driving experience.

yeah i meant dots… yes that means you have 4years of experience with a full license and you can accompany a learners license holder in the car as minimum 4 years exp needed to do that.