Total Cost of the process


Can someone please break down the cost of the whole process. I am putting what I know below for a single applicant;

WES Evaluation: ~180 USD
Right of permanent residence fee: ~375 USD
Permanent resident card: ~38 USD
Permanent resident travel document: ~38 USD.

Thank you

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Don’t forget medical. Cost me ~USD 400. Also, throw in the airfare and hotel stay when you actually have to do the landing there.

Where is the cost for the PR we got a charge for some $2K CAD. But we prepaid it.

Oh yes, I believe that fee was close to CAD 1000 in 2016.

Yeah, like anshul said it might’ve been CAD 1000 for a single person, its about CAD 495 now lol.

I thought about it, but the prices would vary based on the location you’re flying from type of hotel, length of stay and all that…

How much did it cost for PCC and FBI check, and for fingerprints, I think it ranges from $25 to $50 which is trivial

We prepaid $2k CAD. The fingerprint and photos are variables. One could even do the fingerprint at home and only have shipping cost.

You can drive across the border if it’s closer to you or fly across it’s upto you. You can stay there for one day or one week. The actual landing costs will vary accordingly.

This is a guesstimate: I must’ve spent close to ~$2000 CAD just for the application, and another ~$1200 CAD or so during landing as flight was expensive.

Hello All,

What’s the difference between Application Fees and RPRF? RPRF is now listed as being CAD 490, but the Application Fees is not listed on the below page:

Just an update on the Medical Cost - its $ 465 to get it done at Berkeley Family Practice in California.

For Family of four (2 adults and 2 kids), here is the breakdown
1800 USD (2380 CAD) - IRCC charges for 4
1080 USD - Medical Examination for 4 (in MD)
480 USD - IELTS exam fees for 2
125 USD - Photos for 4 (digital and physical copies)
40 USD - fingerprinting for 2 (professionally done)
360 USD (468 CAD) - ECA report for 2
54 USD - Police Clearance Cert Indian Embassy for 2
36 USD - Police Clearance Cert FBI for 2
100 USD - Postage and misc

Total 4075 USD

Traveling to Canada will be additional charges.

See Image for break down of IRCC charges


Gee, that’s steep (but cheaper than US GC process I think).

Thank you for this breakdown, it’ll surely help others get a feel for the cost.

Awesome. Thanks!

Also, there are other posts for EE Experience and stay in Canada, do drop some points there too.


OMG that is woooow I think is better / cheaper if someone gets a job before departure. In this calculation you also need to have a certain big amount in your bank.

Anyone in the midwest looking for a slightly cheaper medical exam cost can go to Louisville, Kentucky. We have booked ours for August costing $325 each. We live in Indianapolis and the cost was upwards of $400 in all other neighboring states.

should the expenses include buying a visa for each member??? is a visa included withing the expenses???

I don’t think there is an additional visa fee other than the ones mentioned above. I’ll wait for others to answer.

There is No additional cost for visa. It issued as part PR approval.

Do you want to say There is NO additional cost?

Oops sorry. I meant No cost