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Me and my wife are looking to apply for Canada PR. Today, we started the process of having our educational credentials verified by WES. Both of us have our highest degrees from a US University (PhD and Masters). We have a few questions regarding sending our transcripts by post or by email directly from the University to WES.

  1. We have already authorized our respective US universities, via an online interface, to send out the PDF version of the transcript to the WES email address ( Both our universities seem to use exactly the same service provider to send out transcripts. However, our worry is that the WES reference number may not be included in the email that the University’s transcript partner sends to WES. We have mentioned the WES reference number as the first line under the “mailing address” section available on the transcript-ordering online interface on the University webpage but I highly doubt if that number will be mentioned in a clear manner (if at all it is mentioned) in the email. Does anyone have experience with this?

  2. In addition to the email transcript, we are thinking of using the same online interface on our University’s websites to physically mail the transcript (by FedEx) directly to WES. However, there is a problem here. I am not sure if the University will put a stamp and signature across the flap of the envelope (both of us live in the Bay Area and our universities are in the mid-west, so we can’t easily collect and mail it ourselves). Anyone have any experience going through this process?

  3. Is it a problem at WES end to receive both email and physical mail transcript?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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You need to send physical mail. Include wes ref in the address line as Ref: #####

They will ignore the email.

Hi sudiptoimpmail

The status is my online WES account just changed to the following. I had my University send the email to WES just last evening (Sunday), through Credentials Solutions. Doesn’t this status mean that they received the transcript and were able to successfully connect the transcript to my WES reference number?

Status: In progress
We received your document(s). We are reviewing your document(s).
Status last updated: 10/14/2019

In a week they will tell whether they have accepted the email version. Good luck.

Thanks. I am wondering if you have reason to believe they will not accept it? They are able to successfully connect the email to the WES reference number. So it should not be a problem right (unless something is wrong with the transcript itself)?

I’d suggest to wait for EE application profile to be updated. You can always attach in the other documents section proof of what you had requested, etc, if required.

Also, another option - which is what I did. We also have dual degrees from US universities. We got the sealed copy of transcripts, and then mailed them straight to WES Canada, which is allowed as well.

So, if you want to be doubly sure, etc etc, you can do that step in addition to the steps that you have already done.

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Thanks. Actually, in addition to sending through email, I have also sent them the physical copy of the transcript directly from the University (also through Credentials Solutions, which seems to be default provider of this service for multiple US Universities).

My concern with the physical transcript being sent directly from University is that my university registrar office folks do not follow the practice of putting a stamp on the seal on the back of envelope and sign it. I am not in the same city as my University anymore, so it’s a pain to get them to do the stamp thing over the phone. So I have to ask someone I know to go to the registrar office and do this for me. What was your experience regarding this?

I think you misunderstood. What I meant was

1/ send transcripts directly from university to WES from registrars office - by mail
2/ get sealed copy of transcripts sent to You from the university. Once you get them, you can add a cover letter etc if required, and send them to WES - also by mail

You cannot do option #2 if your degree is From India, but you are more than welcome to use it given your MS and PhD is from US universities.

I’m not in the same state as my university as well. But above is what I did. And it covers all scenarios.

Also, WES website states that if your degree is from US university, stamp Or seal is fine. So you should be good.

See attached screenshot

Ok, makes sense. Thanks for your detailed reply akc5247!

For the benefit of others reading this page, the status on my WES changed to the following on 10/25: “We are reviewing your evaluation report.” “Your evaluation is due for completion on 11/21/2019”

Essentially I did item 1 and 2 in my first post on this page. I had the transcript sent to WES directly from the University online interface through credentials solutions (send PDF version and by FedEx).

I have no idea whether the PDF version would have been enough. I will know soon as my wife only sent the PDF version (on the same day as me), not by physical mail. She has not heard back yet from WES and the status is still “We received your document(s). We are reviewing your document(s).” I will update it here once her’s also transitions to the same.

Update: My wife’s PDF transcript was accepted and her processing moved to “We are reviewing your evaluation report.” “Your evaluation is due for completion on 11/22/2019”

Update 2: My WES evaluation was completed today. Only took 2 weeks for the whole cycle!

Hi Vijay4454,
I noticed that you mentioned email id through which you sent your transcript to WES. Is this still a valid email id to send the dcoument from my US university to WES.
I sent my transcript via physical mail and it seems it is having a long delay , that is why i want to ask you if i can ask my university to send the transcript electronically to this email id.

thank you.

At the time I submitted to WES, this was the correct email address. I don’t know if they have changed it. You should be able to call their customer call number and confirm.

Thanks vijay for the help. I just noticed that my previous message has not been sent to you earlier, sorry about that. After that, I have emailed the transcript to WES thru credential solutions five days ago now. The status still says my mailed transcripts has not yet been reached thru post. Now, I have emailed and mailed my transcripts to WES. I called their customer call numbers many times so far and I waited for abt 1 hour or more. And I have contacted thu their contactus link as well. All , I have received is auomated emails. Nothing other than that.

Update 1 : I just got update for my electronic transcript submitted. "Status: In progress

We are processing a new package or document for your application.

Status last updated: 10/16/2020".

Hi Kasturi,

I am happy to see that you have had success with sending the transcript PDF electronically using the email address. Because of this thread, I also opted to send my transcripts today the same way. My status is still On hold: Waiting for your documents, so I was wondering how long did it take your status to change to processing after you submitted the electronic transcript.

Credential Solutions were super quick in delivering the electronic transcript and I have also attached my order number as a PDF attachment in Credential Solution’s online portal so they could look up my WES application. I think I also copy pasted my WES number on the Street Address Part 2, just in case…

I would really appreciate your answer. I am not sure if I should also be sending a physical copy as the electronic should be enough.

Hi Rolito,
Thanks, it took seven days for the WES to process my ECA and provide a report after i sent my electronic copy. I sent my physical copy 15 days before sending my electronic copy. Since, I could not track the location of my physical copy sent, and could get any updates in WES, I sent the electronic copy.
Try doing this, send the physical copy as well and use the contact us link and update them what you have sent and ask for status update.