Transcripts from Pune University

Is anyone here from pune university who can guide me in getting the transcripts ?
I did it around 12yrs back when I tried for GRE :). Don’t think those would be valid now

  1. You need to go to PU transcript ordering website and fill the application form that needs your details, seat numbers on marksheets etc. This crappy website does not let you fill in Canada’s zip code in the mailing address because it doesn’t rhyme with 411007! For me miraculously it did work.

…but all that doesn’t matter since you have to print the application form and submit it in person, so you can just edit the pdf with the correct address.

  1. Then go in person and fill “challan” and pay in some bank and then give the stamped challan and the application form and affidavit that you are not lying, to the Univ. (all this in the year 2018 :angry:). All these forms are given on the website.

  2. Wait for a long time (for me it was 2-3 months) till they determine they actually need to do their jobs and mail the transcript to the evaluating agency. For some people they refused to mail the transcript directly, for some people they did so, according to what I heard. If I remember, for me, they gave an envelope with their return address and the transcript separately, but apparently they also sent a sealed one to Univ of Toronto for my ECA. I did not know this till I called UoT.

  3. If you are not in the US, you need to ask someone in Pune to go do all this! :pensive:

Thanks buddy. I am in pune currently. My only concern is if my details are with them since I graduated in 2005

They will ask for copies of your marksheets and they can find out.

If you are not in India, You can try . Its slightly expensive but worth it.

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Question @Bisal . Since you mention GRE I am assuming you hold masters degree. In that case why BE transcripts are needed?

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nope buddy. I tried but couldn’t, got rejected in the visa.

@Bisal I also got transcripts (in 2009) when i did masters. I emailed WES , if same transcripts will work. WES emailed back date does not matter , so i have sent same transcripts i got back in 2009 to WES. I am waiting for evaluation result.

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Received my ECA ethrough email today :). Had used my transcripts which were 11 years old. Thanks everyone for ur help. Next target is achieving a good band in IELTS. 1 dec is my D-day :):zipper_mouth_face: