Travel history, Police clearance certificate and Residence Related Question


My situation is that I completed my undergraduate in 2013 from India and then completed masters from USA in 2015. Since then I have been working in USA up until now and every year go back to India to visit family.

Regrading filling up application post ITA I have a question related to three topics:


My understanding is that I need to get two police clearance certificate. One from FBI and the other from the Indian consulate in USA which will be for my permanent address in India.
Apart from the two above mentioned certificates, do I need to get any other police clearances? For example, I lived in multiple cities in India and USA in the last 10 years. Do I need to get a clearance certificate from every police department in the cities that I have lived in?


If I am currently living and working in the USA on H1-B, under the ‘History and Immigration’ tab of the form should I put the ‘Country of residence’ as USA or India?


Have a question regarding the Personal History : Travel History section.

It asks for :

" Provide details of any trips XXXXXXXXXXX has taken outside his/her country of origin or of residence in the last ten years (or since his/her 18th birthday if this was less than ten years ago). Include all trips: tourism, business, training, etc. "

In my case, I have worked and lived in many different cities in the USA. For example, I flew in from Delhi to Chicago and lived in Chicago for 1.5 years and then traveled back to Delhi for a vacation. Then I flew back into Chicago and completed my studies and then started working in New York. I worked in New York for two years before moving to San Diego. So in my travel history do I have to mention all the moves that I made to the different cities or should I just mention the fact that I flew once from New delhi to Chicago and then from Chicago to New Delhi followed by one more move from New Delhi to Chicago?

I apologize for the length of the post but I will be grateful if I can get some reposes.


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Any response to response to previously asked questions will be appreciated.


  1. Only two Police certificates are required
    One from FBI and the second from the Indian consulate in USA.

  2. Country of residence:- USA

  3. Only mention those trips when you visited a different country.
    USA to INDIA can be one
    INDIA to USA can be another entry and so on.
    U should mention about each of ur trip, as ur passport will have the entry and exit stamps for those trips.
    No need to mention about in country change in locations.

U can refer older posts for more reference.

Okay. Thank you for the information.