Travel Restrictions while your spouse PR is in process

Hi, everyone.
I am PR with Indian Citizenship. I have submitted Spouse Outland application last week for my wife. We married last October. Now I’m planning to visit her in mid May 2021 and planning to stay with her in India until end of June. Is this going to impact the sponsorship application? I do see an official restriction that says being a sponsor I can travel during the application process. But I want to know if anyone had traveled or planning to travel while your spouse PR is in process.

Sponsors who maintain a principal residence in Canada are not considered to be in violation of residency requirements if they

take short holidays or business trips outside Canada on a temporary basis
have work arrangements that require them to be outside Canada for temporary finite periods of time, but return to live in Canada in between assignments (such as ship crew or seasonal workers)

Persons who do not maintain a principal residence in Canada and who live and work abroad and only return to Canada for short visits are not considered to meet residency requirements

Thanks, appreciate your responses

Short trips are perfectly fine, but what happens if you’re in India and Canada closes it’s borders or flights get suspended.

I’d be cautious about making a non essential trip at this time. I’m not a fan of Trudeau’s irrational decision making, but he’s the Prime Minister and at this point he’s asking folks not to travel.

Thanks. Your comments makes sense. But I’d assume boarder closure may not impact PR and citizens as long as they provide -ve test report.