Travel to Canada on valid PR and work permit

Hello Friends,

I would like to clarify my travel situation with both valid work permit and PR.

I have a valid work permit on which I travelled to Canada once, but have not started working yet. Will start working in Canada in June,19.

I have also got my PPR as well as COPR.

I plan to move to Canada in June for good as I mentioned, but I also intend to travel to Canada from USA 1-2 times before that for personal reasons (like finding home, school tours, etc)

My question is :

  1. When I receive my COPR, would my work permit be cancelled automatically by CIC Ottawa?

  2. If answer to 1) is no, then can I enter Canada based on my choice (work permit or PR) or will the border agent cancel my work permit as soon as he sees COPR with my passport at border ?

  3. The reason I am asking 2) is because if I travel on PR to Canada for my home-school finding trips (which will be in May, 19) , then I am not sure how can I travel to Canada next time in June for my final move ? Because I would not have got my PR card by then and COPR is only valid for 1 time if I understand correctly.

  4. If I travel back to USA from Canada in May 3rd week, would I have enough time to apply for PRTD from USA and get it back before I plan to travel to Canada in June 2nd week ?

  5. Can I apply PR card or PRTD in urgent situation which guarantees it back in 1 week ?

Thanks and appreciate your responses.,

The only thing I know is person can use COPR multiple times to enter Canada via road.

To not complicate things, the other option is you could move to Canada permanently in June take up a short term rental for a month or two while you continue to look for your ideal neighbourhood to live in. This is what we did when we moved to Toronto. We lived in downtown for a month so we could scout for neighbourhoods and school before committing long term.

Thanks for your response @dskhokhar. I have also heard about the same, but not sure completely.
If you have seen, could you please share a link or website that provides this information? Would be really helpful. Thanks

That would be the fallback plan, but trying to avoid multiple moves, if it can be.