Travel when PR is just approved

Hi, my file was completed last week and I’m expecting passport request email in a month or so. Also, I’m going to the US for our company retreat in the end of November. let’s assume I have a PR stamp on my passport by November.

My question is can I come back with a PR stamp on my passport? Or do I need to have a PR card to return to Canada?? Thank you

Current status: work permit valid until Dec 2020
Visitor visa valid until Sep 2024

You can come back only once using the Pr visa stamp by flight , and anytime by road by just using CoPR

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You can land once after your PR visa is stamped.

After that if you are in US and you want to go to Canada, you can do so with your CoPR, only if you cross the land border (in your own or rented car. No buses/taxis/trains).

Only an immigration attorney can clarify about flying to Canada (because your work/visitor visa is still valid) when you have a PR, because it certainly allows you to board the flight and land in Canada, but I’m not sure if it’s fine to clear the immigration counter at the airport.

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Thanks. Let’s assume I received a Passport request email and I didn’t submit my passport to Ottawa. Can I go to the US and come back and then submit my passport? Thanks.

you are trying to play with fire. :slight_smile:
I had a similar situation when my work permit was valid, and then I had to travel for personal reasons from US to Canada, while awaiting my CoPR.

To keep things simple, better to postpone travel if you can. If it’s unavoidable, an immigration attorney is the best person to answer these queries.

In your case, you haven;t received your COPR. so you are technically on an active work permit.

If COPR comes, while you are in US, or if your plans are made, you can always explain that the plans were made while you were not a PR, and had not officially recieved PR.

One piece of information I got was that your work permit would be officially cancelled when you do your first landing as PR.

if you get CoPR before travel, (and assuming you get your landing appointment inland also before travel), then its simple.

If that doesn;t happen, when you come back from Us to Canada, they will take you in as PR, and cancel your work permit.

As I said, I had the same situation, but was able to postpone my travel to avoid such complexity.


thank you. its very helpful

If you get your PR stamp and then fly to the US, I don’t see a reason why not to do the landing while returning to Canada.

I’m assuming you’re inland applicant and have work permit for Canada till 2020 and US tourist visa till 2024?

Once you land as a PR they will cancel your single-entry PR visa. Presumably they will also cancel your Canadian work permit as you no longer need it.

Thereafter if you go to the US you can return via land using CoPR (you will have to drive in in your own vehicle, and may be pulled aside and asked more questions), or you can apply for PRTD from the US (it’s a multiple entry visa for those who dont have or have lost their PR card), or you can get your PR card mailed to you in the US which can take months.

Airlines/Buses/Ships will not let you board without a PR card or PRTD.

A bit more context would be good, what visas you have, how many trips to the US etc.

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You have 30 days to submit your passport once you receive the PPR email.