Travelling to US everyday from Canada

Dear, Team.

I am pursuing PR to Canada as part of EE programme, and my current employer is planning to get me a L1 Visa to the U.S. If I am able to secure my L1 Visa, and if somehow I get my PR after moving to US, can I move to Canada and travel to the US every day?

Thank You.

Yes, all US cares about is whether you have the valid visa+reason to enter/re-enter the US, and if you have a Canadian PR you can travel to/from Canada whenever you like.
You should check:

  1. where you will be when you apply the PR. If you’re already in the US it should be OK.
  2. whether the conditions for L-1 will prevent you from traveling over the border every day (I highly recommend applying for NEXUS card after you get your PR card).
  3. how your half-days in Canada count towards maintaining the residency obligation and for citizenship.
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