Try soft landing without dependents or wait?

Hey all,

It is getting to a point where I have to make a decision and was wondering what folks on this forum thought about this situation or if anybody has had experience doing this already.

I have a COPR for myself along with spouse and kid and all three COPRs are expiring in the first week of July. We currently reside in the US and I have an approved H-1B petition that I can use to come back to the US via AVR. However, my spouse’s H-4 petition that was filed last year has been pending forever (due to the large H-4 backlog) and I am not sure now if it will arrive on time before her COPR expires. Our stamped visa I-94s have expired, so we’d need the approved petitions to come back into the US I believe.

Given this scenario, I am wondering what would be the best course of action here.

  1. None of us tries soft landing, let the COPR expire and wait (hopefully) for the “Ready to Travel?” email - Not sure if this is still being extended or if it’d still apply in case they open borders after June 21.

  2. I soft land by myself, let spouse’s and kid’s COPRs expire. Is this allowed? If so, would they get a ready for travel email at some point? or would it be considered abandoned and I have to start some other process to get them a PR from scratch?

  3. Kind of a variation of 2, myself and kid (a US citizen) soft lands without spouse. Only concern with this is in case they ask me to go quarantine, I probably won’t be able to handle a toddler by myself for 14 days :slight_smile:

Not sure if there’re other options here, may be contact IRCC and ask for extension or anything else I could possibly do, I would absolutely welcome all thoughts and experiences.

Thanks and appreciate the help!

If you get H4 approved before COPR
then all should travel and its simple
If still all are travelling without h4 approval
your wife can stay in Canada or can go to India to wait for h4 approval and get stamping after approval.
If Only you and kid travel,
then I think you need to sponsor her in future for PR after you move to Canada.

Thanks for the response @srhere , do you know if there has been any communication regarding COPR extensions for those received and expired after March 2020 ?

Also wondering if they would extend dependents COPRs if I land and they don’t, since this issue is technically related to slowdown caused by COVID as well.

I tried the web form and got a generic response with link to their website.

If you have still some weeks in expiration then i would suggest to wait as they do reply to web form inquiries but can be slow…
I think many got extensions, but not sure about only primary applicant landing and still secondary applicants getting extension…

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